About Aroma Class

These classes are all about essential oils and how you can use them in your daily life for health and wellbeing. Each Aromatherapy class will be different and unique and will always introduce you personally to essential oils. Other elements of wellbeing such as yoga asana, meditation, and touch therapy are also included in many of the classes and are noted in the class description. Guided by Rebecca Roberts of Artwell Healing.



Friday, August 9th 6:45pm

Make it a sensational summer with a solid perfume. This class will introduce you to six oil blends inspired by the carefree spirit of summer and how to make essential oil solid perfume. Choose your favorite scent and take that summertime vibe with you wherever you go, all year round. Oil Blends: Clear Skies Ahead, California Lovin', Paradise Dreams, Island Life, At The Beach, Sunshine Kisses.

Class includes a free solid perfume (scent of choice).



Friday August 23th 6:45pm

Indian Sandalwood, West Indies Sandalwood, Torchwood, and Candlewood are a few of the names given to this unusual oil. It is not Sandalwood, but it is oil of a seasoned wood and the tree, surprisingly, is part of the citrus family. It has the unique ability to "fire it up" and "calm it down" and is also very grounding.

Class includes yoga + a free sample of Amyris oil.


All Aromatherapy classes included a free gift of wellbeing and a 25% discount on art & aroma products.