About Aroma Class

These classes are all about essential oils and how you can use them in your daily life for health and wellbeing. Each Aromatherapy class will be different and unique and will always introduce you personally to essential oils. Other elements of wellbeing such as yoga asana, meditation, and touch therapy are also included in many of the classes and are noted in the class description.


Healthy Smile

Friday, May 10th 6:45pm

Discover which essential oils are good for your mouth and learn how to make a natural re-mineralizing toothpaste. We'll also explore binaural beat sound healing for teeth and gums. Great class for learning about natural oral hygiene.

Class includes free all-natural toothpaste that you make during class. All ingredients are supplied.



Friday May 24th

Celebrate the blooming of spring with this flowers only aromatherapy class. We will we only explore flower essential oils and Bach Flower remedies as well. Bach Flower remedies are floral tinctures, which are ingested for healing. Great class for flower lovers, interest in blooming, and homeopathy. 

Class includes free sample of your creative mixture of Bach Flower remedies.


All Aromatherapy classes included a free gift of wellbeing and a 25% discount on art & aroma products.