About Aroma Class

These classes are all about essential oils and how you can use them in your daily life for health and wellbeing. Each Aromatherapy class will be different and unique and will always introduce you personally to essential oils. Other elements of wellbeing such as yoga asana, meditation, and touch therapy are also included in many of the classes and are noted in the class description. Guided by Rebecca Roberts of Artwell Healing.



Deep Grounding

Friday, September 6th 6:45pm

In this class we will experience deep grounding with a unique blend made of lemon, sandalwood, and vetiver. Deep grounding is a way to experience peace through all things and feel carefree all the time. We will explore meditation techniques Anchoring with the Breath and Rock Weight. Patchouli will also be introduced as an alternative to the intense aroma of vetiver.

Class includes a free grounding rock.



Friday September 20th 6:45pm

We will explore and compare three different botanical classifications of Eucalyptus and use the cleansing aroma to help us clear out our inner clutter. This class includes intense diffusion aroma, discovering crystals for clearing, and journal exercises to help make more space within our minds and our hearts.

Class includes a free simple journal & a clearing crystal.



Third Eye Chakra

Friday October 4th 6:45p

This is the final installment of the aroma chakra classes. Anja, the Third Eye, is the sixth chakra. It is located on the forehead, between the eyebrows and is the center of intuition and foresight. We will explore oils for insight and play with seeing beyond our everyday life with an improvisational sensory yoga exercise.

Class includes a free chakra gift of your choice.


Holy Wood

Friday October 18th 6:45pm

Palo Santo means "Holy Wood" in Spanish and is often used as a smudge to clear away negative energies. We will explore this holy wood in essential oil form and use it to help clear our internal spaces with tapping and cord cutting exercises.

Class includes a free sample of palo santo oil.