Hot Yoga! Barkan Method 

Wed: 7:15p 75min  



The Barkan Method is a style of Hatha Yoga, the physical form of yoga and employs the same series of postures each class. Done at approximately 90 degrees, the movements of the Barkan Method reach deep into the tissue, relieve tension and stress, and help to revitalize the practitioner. All levels are welcome.

Guided by Whitney Miracle


Branches Vinyasa Flow

Thur: 5:45p 75min Sat: 10a 75min


Smoothly linked poses flow from one to the next through fluid motion of the body, and connection to each inhalation and exhalation of the breath.

Guided by Jaime Ray on Thursday.

Guided by Caitlin Weiss and Lindsey Keay on Saturday (rotating).

Happy Hour!

Wed: 5:30p 60min    


Beginner friendly, relaxed, and light-hearted practice. Bring a friend! It's 2 For $10 or $7 Individual drop-in rate. This class is not included in any yoga packages.

Guided by Susan Bone.


Roots Alignment Based  


Get the blood flowing with this classic hatha yoga asana class. Includes extra alignment cues to refine your form in each pose.

Guided by Courtney Chunn.

Yoga For Runners

Mon: 5:45p 75min


Hour long sequence designed for a runners body. Strengthen core and joint stabilizing muscles. Stretch tight legs, hips, and feet. Relax. Breathe. No previous yoga experience needed.

Guided by Courtney Chunn.