Hot Yoga! Barkan Method 

Wed: 7:15p 75min  


The Barkan Method is a style of Hatha Yoga, the physical form of yoga and employs the same series of postures each class. Done at approximately 90 degrees, the movements of the Barkan Method reach deep into the tissue, relieving tension and stress, and leaving you refreshed and revitalized.

All levels are welcome but some knowledge of basic poses is helpful.


Vinyasa Flow

Mon: 5:45p 75min Sat: 10a 75min


"Vinyasa" is derived from the Sanskrit term nyasa, which means "to place," and the prefix vi, "in a special way". Poses are carefully ordered to lead the practitioner through a progressive sequence of movements linked by the breath.

Happy Hour Yoga!

Wed: 5:30p 60min    


Beginner friendly, relaxed, and light-hearted practice. Bring a friend! It's 2 For $10 or $7 Individual drop-in rate. 


Yoga for Runners

Tues: 5:45p 75min


Designed for a runners body. Strengthen core and joint stabilizing muscles. Stretch tight legs, hips, and feet. Relax. Breathe. No previous yoga experience needed.

Power Yoga

Thurs: 5:45p 75min


Power Yoga warms the body up slowly and builds to a quick-paced vinyasa flow. Mindful breathing and held postures tone the full body,  improve balance and flexibility, and  strengthen the core. Class finishes with yin-style deep stretches that target the hips. Practice encourage mindfulness and meditation and to motivate movement.