Gentle/ Restorative

Sun: 9:15a 75min 


Part gentle-on-the- joints movement, part long held supported poses. Quiet time spent in restorative yoga stretches muscles, promotes healthy sleep, and develops stress- resilience. Bolsters, blankets, yoga blocks and straps provided.

LEVEL: beginner-experienced

Slow Flow & Meditation

Tue: 12p Thurs: 12p 6omin Tue: 5:45pm 75 min


Asanas (poses) thoughtfully sequenced around breathe/body connection. Relaxed vibe, slower pace, internal focus. Extended savasana/meditation.

LEVEL: beginner-intermediate *basic knowledge of yoga poses helpful but not required 


Mantra Monday

Mon:5:00p 30min


Learn Mantra Meditation techniques using the repetition of a sound, set of sounds or syllables to allow the conscious mind to settle down and center into the present moment.

Come one, come all.


Morning Meditation

Wed: 8:30am 30 min


15 minutes guided meditation practice. 15 minutes silent group meditation.

Come one, come all.

Yoga For Healthy Aging

Mon & Wed: 11am 60min


Smart approach to a yoga practice you can maintain for the long hall. Strength, flexibility, balance, and agility diminish over time…so we practice! Together in community.

LEVEL: beginner-intermediate

Free Flow Fridays

Fri: 6:45p 60min (alternating Fridays)


Throw out the lesson plan. Asana (physical posture) practice to meet you where you are and reflect the vibe of those in the room. We may explore essential oils, connect over coloring, or de-stress through meditation and mantra. 

LEVEL: beginner-experienced


Yin Yoga

Mon: 7:15pm 75min


Poses focusing on flexibility, held for minutes at a time. An internal practice of self-awareness, meditation, healing, calm and connectivity.

LEVEL: beginner-experienced 


Yoga Basics

Thurs: 7:15pm



Back to yoga basics. Build confidents on your mat by experiencing variations in postural alignment. Rather than force your body to fit the shape of a pose, find and feel the pose in your body.

LEVEL: beginner-intermediate