Gentle/ Restorative

Sun: 9:15a 75min 


Gentle and restorative practice stretches muscles, promotes healthy sleep, and develops stress- resilience. Bolsters, blankets, and yoga blocks fully support the body to encourage surrender into soothing asanas.

Slow Flow & Meditation

Tue: 12p Thurs:12p 6omin


Have yoga for lunch with a 45 min. slow flow asana practice followed by an optional 10 min. meditation time to nurture stress release and rejuvenate you mid-day.



Mantra Monday



Learn Mantra Meditation techniques using the repetition of a sound, set of sounds or syllables to allow the conscious mind to settle down and center into the present moment.


Morning Meditation

On Pause for the Summer FREE


Join Susan for a morning of meditation, reflection and community connection. Refreshments and book discussion included. There is no cost for this class. Donations are accepted and gifted to Magnolia Grove Monestery.

Guided by Susan Nodurft.


Yoga For Healthy Aging

Mon: 11am  Wed: 11am 60min


For beginning yoga students and anyone who celebrated a birthday last year! Increase your "health span" through simple movements designed to improve strength, flexibility, balance, and agility.  Come together and connect with  community as we uncover how yoga can help to  cultivate personal equanimity in times of change.  

Free Flow Fridays

Fri: 6:45p 60min (alternating Fridays)


First and foremost a yoga class, Free Flow Fridays will meet you where you are, by throwing out the lesson plan and evolving with the needs and desires of those in the room. In addition to yoga postures, we may explore essential oils, connect over coloring, or de-stress through meditation and mantra. 


Yin Yoga

Mon: 7:15pm 75min


Yin Yoga practice includes yoga poses or asana that are held for longer periods of time with the intention of stretching muscle as well as the bodies connective tissues. Potential physical benefits of practicing asanas in this was include increased circulation in the joints and improved flexibility.  An opportunity to develop self-awareness, meditation, self-healing and experience inner calm and connectivity.


Alignment-Based Yoga

New Class Starts 6/6/19

Thurs: 7:15pm



β€œIt is through the alignment of the body that I discovered the alignment of my mind, self, and intelligence.” B.K.S. Iyengar Alignment-Based yoga focuses on your practice, bringing you back to basics so you can feel confident on your mat. Instead of trying to force your body to fit the shape of a pose, we will work on finding and feeling the pose in your body. We will spend a little more time in each pose than in a traditional flow class, giving you a chance to feel the pose in your deeper tissues to maximize their benefits.