Lindsey Keay

Instructor RYT 200

I first began practicing yoga as a last hope! As a professional musician, many hours of repetitive motion and asymmetrical postures from playing took a toll on my body, and a teacher suggested that I try yoga. After the initial shock of my first class (lift your left arm – no, your other left… breathe through the nose? You want me to lift my leg up to where?!), I walked away feeling like a million bucks, and so pleased that bare feet were the norm somewhere besides the beach. In no time, that last hope had transformed into a passion, and I have moved ahead with a grateful and open heart ever since. After practicing yoga for nearly a decade, in 2013 I received my RYT-200 certification in Shambhava (Hatha) Yoga and Meditation from Shoshoni Teacher Training in Colorado. I have enjoyed leading yoga classes at the USM Payne Center, privately, and giving several workshops on yoga for musicians in TX, LA, and MS. I love to stand in tree pose or do forward bends whenever the mood strikes me, and I strive to take deep breaths whenever they are most needed. Joyful and grateful to be a part of the Greenhouse Yoga community - Namaste.

Lindsey has been studying and teaching yoga in Hattiesburg since 2009: Teacher Training Certification 200 Hour/ Shambhava Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training @ Shoshoni Yoga (Boulder, CO) Teaching Experience/ USM Payne Center, Freelance (TX, LA, MS).