Rebecca Roberts

Instructor CRMT, CA, CCH, BFA

My first experience with yoga and aromatherapy happened at the same time in 1994 while I was obtaining my Bachelor's Degree in Theatre Performance/Dance. The yoga was part of my movement training for theatre performance as was The Alexander Technique. I was first introduced to Surya Namaskar B (sun salutation yoga flow) and I was completely enthralled! The aromatherapy I discovered on my own as a healthy way to stay sane and calm while dealing with the strenuous life of rehearsing and preforming shows, not only in theatre, but in the film industry as well. Although yoga and aromatherapy have remained constants in my life since then, in 2008 I took a new artistic turn and started painting. It was then that I started to meditate and I also discovered Reiki. In 2014 I decided to really dive into to these things I loved so much (other than creating) and received two Reiki certifications and a certification in aromatherapy after twenty years of experience using and teaching about essential oils for health and wellbeing.

Rebecca has been studying and teaching aromatherapy in Hattiesburg since 1994: Certification/ Reiki Level I and Chakras through the lineage of Dr. Gaynor Du Perez, DM @ Sunshine Academy of Metaphysics, Ususi Ryoho Reiki SHINPIDEN Master and Teacher Certification and Crystal Healing Certification through the lineage of Lisa Powers, CRMT, B.Ki, B.Ed, Aromatherapy Certification with Laura Moorehead, CA, LMT @ Essence Journey's Aromatherapy. Teaching Experience/ The Cubbyhole, OLLI, Divine Spark Yoga (LA,CA), Jobie Yoga (MD), Freelance via Artwell Healing. Professional Alchemist for Living Lēla.