Brigid Elchos

I began seriously practicing yoga after my first child was born in 2000.  Having a child changed my entire outlook and way of doing things in the world.  Yoga gave me a means of addressing my physical, spiritual, and mental being all at the same time.  There weren’t any yoga studios in the area where we lived so I began by utilizing DVDs.  Once we moved to the Hattiesburg area in 2005, I discovered a dedicated community of yoga practitioners who really showed me the depth of yoga practice and how it can be lived.  

My passion for doing yoga led me to teaching yoga.  Always wanting to grow and learn, I also began practicing some tai chi for health (again from videos).  It complimented yoga so well that I began incorporating it into some of my beginner yoga classes.  Tai chi added another dimension to operating in the world holistically. I regularly practice yoga and tai chi together and through this practice I am re-charged and rejuvenated.   My practice yoga/tai chi practice gives me means to cultivate inner and outer well-being so that I can be my best self in the world. It reminds me to flow in daily living. To me, yoga and tai chi offer time-tested ways of enhancing quality of life.

Brigid taught Beginner Yoga and Yin Yoga at The Yoga Room and is a Certified Tai Chi/Qigong Practice Leader.  She has been certified as a Stress Management Coach and has given presentation on Stress Management to criminal justice and veterinary groups.  She is a registered nurse, licensed veterinarian and CPR Instructor.