Susan Nodurft

Meditation Leader

My interest in meditation began in the 1980’s as a means of spiritual growth and mind/body integration incorporated in my yoga practice. In those years, attempting to fill multiple roles (mother, wife, teacher, daughter) this practice provided a “way home” to a calm center. This remains true today. Although then there were limited resources available for a would-be meditator, that changed with the growing recognition of meditation as a powerful means of stress reduction and living a more awake life. After experiencing different teachers and forms of meditation, however, I found the gift of meditation reveals itself in just the simple daily practice of opening to inner stillness, moving through the day with as much mindfulness as possible and the presence of a supportive, practicing community. 

In her role as a Courage and Renewal facilitator, Susan leads retreats in which the centerpiece is personal reflection and listening to one’s inner wisdom.

Susan has been studying and leading meditation in Hattiesburg since the 1980s: Certification / Certified Tai Chi/Qigong Practice Leader. Teaching Experience/ OLLI and The Yoga Room. She has also been leading a meditation group in Hattiesburg for a number of years.