Yoga and a Pint
10:45 AM10:45

Yoga and a Pint

Slow flow yoga fun at Southern Prohibition! Beginners welcome. This month Whitney reminds you how to breath and takes you through a yoga practice, sure to have you ready for that first frosty Sopro pint. Mercury Pizza (for purchase) and causal conversation (free!) to follow.
You will need a yoga mat and a valid ID. We’ve got extra yoga mats, but the ID is all you.  

Brought to you by Southern Prohibition Brewing Co. and Greenhouse Yoga.
Yoga at the Brewery meets once each month.

June’s yoga practice guided by Whitney Miracle.

$10 at the door.

No advanced ticket sales.

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The Balance Workshop
2:00 PM14:00

The Balance Workshop

Balance is the key to wholeness and wholeness is the place where we are happy, well, peaceful, and free. Understanding that opposites naturally coexist peacefully is the secret to balance. Knowing that all the assembled parts come together to create the greater whole is the dynamic system and philosophy of yin and yang, which is what we will be fully exploring in this workshop through our minds, hearts, and bodies. 

During this workshop we will discuss and play with the following:

  • Brief history, philosophy, and duality of yin and yang

  • Tapping into yin yang energies with Aromatic Inhalation of essentials oils

  • Yang Yoga Flow with Sound Healing {solfeggio frequency + singing bowls to expel negativity and limiting beliefs}

  • Balancing yin yang energies with Qigong {Reaching Out to Nature exercise}

  • Moon Energy {embrace letting go, starting anew, and going with the flow} 

  • Moon Meditation {silent meditation with visual stimuli of cyclic energies}

  • Infused Yin Yoga Flow

  • Balancing yin yang energies with Tibetan Pranayama

Includes opening of the new art exhibit by Rebecca Roberts, Moon Magic Meditative, capturing energy of the new moons (beginnings) and the full moons (endings) of the entire past year 2018.


$40/early bird (if purchased before 5/9/19)

(includes your choice of one free art installation from the Moon Magic Meditative Exhibit)

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Spring Celebration
5:45 PM17:45

Spring Celebration

Spring Celebration-Greenhouse is turning 4!

Thursday April 11 5:45pm

Guided Yoga asana, mantra, sound with refreshments to follow!

All dollars collected will be used for Greenhouse yard renewal. We look forward to celebrating the season with you!


Student/ $10


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